Meet Arlene

Arlene VanderBeek


Current Ward 13 City Councillor
Former Dundas Town Councillor - until amalgamation
Current member of 30 Boards, Committees, Agencies and Organizations, representing the residents of Ward 13 in the City and the Community in addition to City Council (Click here to see listing)
Current Vice Chair - Hamilton's Audit, Finance & Administration Committee
Current Chair - Downtown Dundas Business Immprovement Area (BIA)
Current Chair - Dundas Community Services
Current Chair & Trustee - Wentworth Lodae Heritage Trust Fund
Member of the Cross-Melville Heritage Committee
Member of the Dundas Museum Board
Member of the Dundas Farmer's Market Management Group
Former Commissioner as City Council's representative on the Provincial Niagara Escarpment Commission
Former Chair of the Dundas Public Library Board
Former Board Member of the Hamilton Conservation Authority
Former Deputy Chair of the Town of Dundas Planning Committee
Many years working in municipal government administration - Burlington, Kitchener and Hamilton/Dundas
Past member Dundas Cactus Festival Committee (13 years)
Past chair of the Dundas Division of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
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Dedicated ...

Born and raised in Dundas (Ward 13 - Dundas & Flamborough)
Lifelong family businesses in downtown Dundas
Lifetime of involvement in community organizations, committees and boards
Current Ward 13 City Councillor, past Town of Dundas Councillor prior to amalgamation.
Knows the issues, values and priorities of Dundas and Flamborough -- she's lived them
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Effective ...

Creative thinker
Knows how to get things done at City Hall
Proven track-record of accomplishments
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Robert Pasuta and Arlene VanderBeek
Arlene at Dundas Seniors Day
A bit about Arlene...

Arlene VanderBeek is a lifelong resident of Dundas, the current Ward 13 City Councillor, a former Town of Dundas Councillor, and former Dundas downtown business owner, who has continuously contributed to the community as a long-time active volunteer. She is the current Chair of Dundas Community Services, Chairs the Downtown Dundas BIA Board of Management, and currently sits on 27 additional Boards and Committees within the City and the Ward.

Arlene is the person who will use her extensive background and knowledge of our communities, and years of experience meeting our needs at City Hall and within the Ward, to protect and preserve the communities we love for the future, and to navigate the challenges within the City.  She has worked hard, despite tough COVID limitations, to expand her knowledge and understanding of the needs of our rural area.

Arlene and her husband, Peter, live in Dundas.  When she has available time, Arlene enjoys the Real McCoy’s and Jr. “C” Blues Hockey games, biking, boating, spending time with her grandchildren and attending their hockey, baseball, tennis and equestrian activities.

Arlene is the best choice because she is the only candidate in Ward 13 who offers us a proven track record of solving issues and getting things done!

From Arlene...

I was born here. I have lived in Dundas all my life. The small town quality-of-life and culture, mixed with the unique ambiance which makes Dundas so special to us, is the reason my husband and I chose to stay here -- to raise our children here -- and to invest in and contribute in very real ways to this community.

I've participated in the history of this town; I was a Town Councillor when we joined with the former towns, including Flamborough, and tried to stop the forced amalgamation; I was there when the tracks on Hatt St. were removed, and the Greensville quarry disappeared. While on Dundas Town Council, I was as part of the committee that worked with the Greensville Optimists to save and reconstruct the bridge at Webster's Falls. I walked the whole 25 miles to fund raise for an indoor pool for Dundas; was a member of the small group of people who successfully fought the fight to save Dundas Central School from the wrecking ball in 1986; was on the committee that convinced the School Board to tear up asphalt and put in grass on the playground of Dundas Central School in the 90's; helped to run the Cactus Festival for nearly 15 years; Chaired the Library Board, was a member of the Board of the Hamilton Conservation Authority; still help to organize the annual Dundas Seniors Day and the Christmas Tree Lighting; and was an active member of the Dundas Farmer's Market Management Group for many years. I was City Council's represenative on the Provincial Niagara Escarpment Commission, a Past Chair of the Dundas Division of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, and have worked for the people of our communities both federally and municipally dealing with everything from missed garbage collection to complex planning issues. I have a proven record of personal history, knowledge, experience and accomplishments in providing continuing effective service to our communities.

My parents owned and operated the Dundas Office Supply Ltd., in downtown Dundas, for 42 years and I had a business in Dundas from 1986 to 2014. The years of experience and participation in the business life of Dundas has provided me with a foundation of knowledge, experience and understanding that has helped me to resolve many challenges faced by our local business community. I am the current Chair of the Downtown Dundas Business Improvement Area (BIA) Board of Management. I understand the needs of business owners -- and know the challenges they face in these current difficult times.

I spent my summers on the farms of my grandfather and my uncles (harvesting potatoes, driving tractors, haying, riding the combine, feeding livestock, etc.) which doesn't make me a farm-girl, but gives me some knowledge and appreciation of rural life and a heart for it. In addition, I spent four years sitting beside former Councillor Robert Pasuta at the Committee and Council Table and have, along with him, and other rural colleagues, consistently voted to support the rural community needs in Flamborough.

Some, in Flamborough, may remember my husband (Peter), who was the Chief Building Official in the former Town of Flamborough for 15 years prior to amalgamation. By association, I learned much about the challenges and joys of life in Flamborough and, in fact, met many wonderful people during those years. I am honoured to have the opportunity to serve your needs over the past years, as we all dealt with the many difficulties that came with COVID closures, restrictions and losses.

These are the reasons why you can trust me to represent you at the City's Council table... to work with you and for you -- no matter whether you live in town or out in the country! Together we can meet future challenges, resolve issues, determine what is best for our neighbourhoods and our community; nurture and preserve what is most important to us, and actively participate in the process of planning for the future.

Where does Hamilton fit in?...

Arlene understands the issues that affect the City and is committed to working with City Council and staff to support and tackle the challenges of developing a future of economic diversification and prosperity, available and affordable housing, safe, affordable and efficient public transit, safer streets for everyone, responsive urban and rural area planning for the City, infrastructure renewal and maintenance (roads, sewer and water, ditches, bridges, etc.), and to strive for efficiencies of cost to tackle the tax burden, overall. Her business background and years of budget management and municipal experience provide her with the skills necessary to effectively protect our interests.

At the same time, she will work to maintain the trust and confidence of her fellow-councillors, City staff, and local residents to accomplish things for the Dundas and Flamborough Communities and to retain our unique identities and the quality-of-life that we all cherish.

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"It is with confidence and pleasure that I write to endorse Arlene VanderBeek as the candidate on Hamilton City Council to represent Dundas.

Our dealings over these past years have been professional, thorough and with an overall sense of the integrity and responsibility in keeping our Valley Town appealing, thriving and sustainable. Arlene is visible in town; she supports the businesses in town and her coming from a family who owned a business in Dundas for many years, I feel confident that her interest in preserving our unique downtown is a priority.

She listens, is pro-active and extremely knowledgeable about the town and its history. I know Arlene will represent all of Dundas with a voice of maintaining our history and moving forward to keep our town busy and active and progressive."
Theresa Picone - Picone Fine Food, Dundas

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