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I want to thank you... It has been an honour and a priviledge to have the opportunity to serve the residents of Dundas and Flamborough as our City Councillor over the past few years. I am humbled to have had the priviledge to continue to resolve issues and to represent this community at the City Council table. The COVID pandemic made it a particularly challenging time to accomplish things and to serve you the way I strive to.

The last 3 years of this past 4 year term of office have presented significant difficulties in seeking out connections and in following through efficiently. The workload has been astornomical, the demands sometimes overwhelming. And I know well the difference between how life is now and how it was pre-COVID. As we move toward a new sense of normal, and hope we can keep COVID at bay, it is even more important that we work together to solve issues and overcome the recent challenges and those that lie ahead.

There are times when we will disagree about a decision, about the way I've voted, or something I've undertaken. I want to assure you that I have struggled with some weighty decisions and have, in doing what some would agree with, disappointed others. That's a fact of political life, as I work to serve you.

I have, however, remained constant in my commitment to you. I have listened. Yes, to everyone who offered me advice, an opinion, a suggestion, or an argument. I have consdered your point of view, and your fellow residents' points of view – often many times over. I've weighed those opinions against, and with, all the other information which I must consider and have made what I believe, at the time, to be the right decision based on the information available. It is my unwavering intention to do my very best for our communities.

I hope you will trust me with another four years, and will honour me with the opportunity to represent both Dundas and Flamborough and to work with you to preserve the past and protect the future of the way of life that we all love – in our communities and throughout the City.

Thank you,
Thanks from Arlene
Arlene VanderBeek

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