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Abel Randy
Aglor, Steve
Baetz, Brian
Ballantyne, Joan
Bontje, Tom
Boyd, Jim
Davidson, Don
Eccles, Bruce
Evans, Tony
Hamilton, Peter
Kendall, Les
Hines, Krys
MacNay, Ramsay
McNamara, Kerry
McCann, Marti
McMaster, Cathy
Mills, Darlyne
Mykytyshyn, Linda
Neil - Bangkok
Nowak, Stan
Picone, Theresa
Preston, Susan
Robertson, Don
Vermeulen, Fred
Sharp, Keith
Valvasori, Dave & Mike
Ward, Chris
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Firefighter for a Day

"I have lived in, what is now, Ward 13 my entire life. In 2018, when our area became part of Ward 13, it was very important for our new City representative to have knowledge of our concerns and needs. Not only has Arlene been a leader and a voice for us, her dedication to our community has been admirable.

Adding our area to the Ward, our Councillor got involved. She joined our Rockton Dinner Theatre group, which gave her the opportunity to get to ‘know’our community. From set painting to being on Stage, she was available, involved, and - yes - she got to ‘know’our community.

I am confident that, going forward, Arlene will continue to look out for our needs and concerns, as she has consistently done for us. This is why I am endorsing Arlene Vanderbeek as our Ward 13 City Councillor."
Randy Abel - Flamborough Resident

"Arlene's help has not gone unnoticed by the Jr "C" Blues with her ongoing support of our hockey club. Without it we may well have had to shut down. For that I am grateful."
Steve Aglor - President, Dundas Blues Jr. Hockey Club

"I'm very happy to support Arlene because of her long-term experience on City Council, and her proven commitment to protecting our natural green spaces and our historic downtown area."
Brian Baetz - Educator & Community Activist

"I am writing this letter in support of our sitting Councillor for Ward 13 - Arlene Vanderbeek. Since moving into the rural community, myself, I can appreciate how large and diverse Ward 13 is. Country problems can be very different than city ones, though equally as important.

Arlene has never failed to remain consistent in assisting us with our needs and concerns to the best of her ability. Although sometimes the outcomes are not within anyone's control, I can honestly say that Arlene has used her wisdom, knowledge and experience to alleviate and assist with skill and dedication. She has worked extremely hard for us, and it has improved our quality of life in this community.

I do not hesitate to endorse her to further support our community and its needs."
Joan Ballantyne - Flamborough Resident

"When I had trouble establishing the patio at the Bangkok Spoon, it was Arlene who resolved the issues and made it possible. This town needs Arlene.

On Monday, October 24th, I encourage you to vote for Arlene VanderBeek."
Neil - Owner of the
Bangkok Spoon Deluxe

“Without hesitation I endorse Arlene VanderBeek as the absolute best Council Candidate for Dundas. Why?? Arlene is a lifelong resident of Dundas who understands our history, has had a positive impact on the present, and is well positioned to lead us to a bright future.

I have worked with Arlene on multiple projects and have seen first hand how she commits her time and energy while using her many skills with key stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes.

Arlene consistently works hard and gets results for the residents of Dundas, Flamborough, and the City of Hamilton.

Check out Arlene’s Bio and many accomplishments – her consistent and impressive results speak for themselves!

Get out and vote - Elect Arlene VanderBeek.”
Tom Bontje - Dundas Resident & Community Volunteer

"Arlene is an experienced, dedicated and responsive councillor whose knowledge of Ward 13, and it’s unique issues, makes her the candidate of choice in this crucial election.

The next Council will face numerous challenges, and Ward 13 must have a highly qualified councillor with the passion, ability and connections to ensure that Ward 13 is well represented."
Jim Boyd - Business Owner
and Dundas Resident

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Arlene for many years as she represented Dundas on city council.
In this time, she supported one of the most important projects in Dundas in the past 20 years;  the building of Margaret’s Place Hospice which is now open and serving families in need.
Arlene is a true ambassador for our beautiful town and you will see her being hands-on at events throughout the year, most recently the Dundas Community Services Food Drive.
I believe Arlene can continue to serve our town of Dundas while keeping it the unique quaint community that we all love within the larger city of Hamilton.."
Don Davidson - St. Joseph's Villa

"I have had the pleasure of working with Arlene both as a volunteer and in her role as City Councillor. Being raised in Dundas, Arlene has a true understanding of the culture of the community and is committed to preserving that culture. Arlene's network of contacts and work experience, plus her own fresh ideas, are a winning combination."
Bruce Eccles - Eccles Auto Service Inc.

"Arlene is the rare breed that is both genuine and political. When dealing with the City of Hamilton, Arlene knows the best person to talk to and she does what she can to ensure they understand your challenge and that they are on your side when the conversation begins.

She knows everyone and is great at connecting people to find solutions. Arlene VanderBeek cares about Dundas and she gets things done!"
Tony Evans - DVMS -Montessori School

"I've known Arlene a long time. She is hard-working, honest, and straight talking. She knows how to get things done, too. Vote for Arlene. She listens and we need her to protect Flamborough and our rural areas"
Peter Hamilton - Flamborough Resident

"The fact is that Domestiique Cafe would not be in business if it weren't for
Arlene VanderBeek.  Her knowledge, coupled with her resources and ability to actually resolve issues, got us through several City Hall hurdles and allowed us to open for business. 

Arlene is the candidate who really understands Dundas and can accomplish things for us at City Hall."
Krys Hines - Domestiique Cafe
Dundas Resident
"As a long-time resident of Dundas, I would like to endorse Arlene VanderBeek for Council.

She is accessible and efficient in solving issues effectively. Arlene has the knowledge, experience and community concern required to take the seat at City Hall for Flamborough, Dundas, and 'Dogpatch'."

Les Kendall - Pleasant View Dundas Resident

"As residents of Ward 13, my wife and I strongly support Arlene Vanderbeek to be our councillor.  Her commitment, compassion and dedication to her constituents is outstanding.  

A few years ago, my neighbourhood became a focal point of controversy over an unassumed alley.  Some individuals took matters beyond acceptable measures: obsessively stalking and vandalizing properties, trespassing, and prowling.  We became acutely concerned about our safety and that of our children.   

We contacted Arlene, who quickly initiated a plan to safely curb worrisome behaviour.  She was always available day or evening if we needed her and she regularly checked in on us thereafter.

Arlene responded quickly to our concerns.  She acted decisively to protect us – the individuals living in the area – even though her decision may be unpopular to others living elsewhere.  

I would describe Arlene as kind, strong, dedicated and truly passionate about all matters that affect our community. I cannot say enough about the positive impact she had upon our lives when we needed her."

Ramsay MacNay - Dundas Resident

"I have known Arlene for many years.  When I have a problem, I call Arlene and she has it solved in no time. 

Arlene is what Flamborough needs.  I encourage everyone to vote for Arlene VanderBeek so that we will have an experienced, dedicated, and hard working individual to look after our interests."

Marti McCann - McCann Professional
Dog Trainers
Flamborough Resident

"Arlene VanderBeek should remain Ward 13 Councillor at Hamilton City Hall on October 24.   

She has very successfully managed a rural urban ward since 2018.  Her leadership exemplifies a dedicated. experienced and principled approach. 

Vote for Arlene and continued good governance."
Cathy McMaster - Flamborough Resident

"Arlene VanderBeek knows Dundas!
Her experience has been beneficial from day one. She has proven herself most capable in dealing with city staff and politicians while protecting the interests of Dundas and Flamborough.

It is with great confidence that I endorse Arlene." 
Kerry McNamara, former Councillor, Town of Dundas and Retired Elementary School Principal

" In this very important election, with all of challenges facing Council, I fully endorse Arlene VanderBeek as the Counsellor for DUNDAS.

Arlene has a passion for Dundas. She’s lived here all of her life, and she cares about what happens in our community.

Experience and a superior knowledge of Dundas make her the right choice. She has my vote and, hopefully, yours!"
Darlyne Mills - Former business owner
Past Dundas Citizen of the Year

"Arlene VanderBeek's knowledge of Dundas and surrounding area is unmeasurable. Her experience throughout her years of service to our community is what the Valley Town needs after so much uncertainty these past few years.

I respect Arlene and thank her for all she has accomplished -- especially for her steadfast support of her constituents."
Linda Mykytyshyn - Life-long Dundasian

"I've known Arlene for well over a decade through various committees and councils I serve on, so I know her to be passionate about anything Dundas!

Her municipal government background, including two terms as a Dundas Town Councillor, and the past two terms as our City Councillor, gives her the experience and confidence to represent us well. 

Whenever I have any concerns to address, her door is always open and she always takes the time to listen and advise. Every time I've left Arlene's office, I've always learned something and saw issues get resolved.

She is a passionate, pragmatic, and a most diligent Councillor for Dundas.  That's why I support Arlene 100% to be our Ward Councillor at Hamilton City Hall!"
Stan Nowak - Dundas Resident

"As we enter our 108th year, it is with confidence and pleasure that I write to endorse Arlene VanderBeek as the candidate on Hamilton City Council to represent us.

Our dealings over these past years have been professional, thorough and with an overall sense of the integrity and responsibility in keeping our Valley Town appealing, thriving and sustainable. Arlene is visible in town; she supports the businesses in town and her coming from a family who owned a business in Dundas for many years, I feel confident that her interest in preserving our unique downtown is a priority.

She listens, is pro-active and extremely knowledgeable about the town and its history. I know Arlene will represent all of Dundas with a voice of maintaining our history and moving forward to keep our town busy, active and progressive."
Theresa Picone - Picone Fine Food, Dundas

"Besides being my excellent councillor for the past four years I am honoured to call Arlene VanderBeek my friend. Arlene is honest, has integrity, is informative and a hard worker. Arlene listens to every side of the problem and works to achieve a suitable and fair solution for all parties.

Arlene knows her way around city hall and who to talk with to get the right answers. Arlene has excellent rapport with urban and rural constituents alike.

Arlene is the best and only choice for Ward 13 Councillor!"
Susan Preston - Village Bakery

"I have followed Councillors for years and, having been born and raised in Flamborough and worked in this community for a lifetime, I believe Arlene is best suited and has earned the right to continue as our Councillor. Arlene has lived and contributed to our community for decades. I hope you will support her"
Don Robertson - Flamborough Resident,
Dundas Business Owner and President, Dundas Real McCoys

"I have known Arlene most of my life.  We started school together at Dundas Central Public School and many years later were colleagues on Town of Dundas Council, the last Council prior to amalgamation. 

You can count on Arlene to fully investigate any issue, listen to the arguments on both sides and make a decision that is in the best interest of the majority of Ward 13 residents. 

Her knowledge and experience help to make her the clear choice to represent Ward 13 on Hamilton Council."
Keith Sharp - Dundas Resident &
Former Dundas Town Councillor 1994-2000

“Simply put, the re-purposing of the Dundas District School for residential living would not have been possible without the hard work of Arlene VanderBeek in guiding the project through a host of development planning challenges.

Arlene understands what’s good for Dundas. We need her at City Hall."
Mike Valvasori
Dave Valvasori

Builders - Dundas District Lofts

"Arlene is a great asset to the residents of Dundas and Flamborough; her personal knowledge and background in the Community provides continuity and legacy memory that is often lacking at City Hall.  She has developed effective connections with City Staff that yield timely information and results.

As a property owner she has helped navigate issues with City Departments, as a past Board Member of the Dundas Community Arts Foundation and the Carnegie Gallery, she has been a powerful advocate for the Arts and its Organizations.
She continues to work quietly behind the scenes building support in City Hall to advance the development of a Town Square in Dundas - an Idea that was floated at a Public Forum - the Dundas 5 x 7 Series hosted by Jeff Goodes at the Carnegie Gallery.  

City Hall moves slowly, but Arlene is patient and persistent; she deserves our continued support."
Fred Vermeulen
Vermeulen/Hind Architects – Retired
Past Board Member - Dundas Community Arts Foundation, Carnegie Gallery

"Arlene has been a tireless and dedicated representative for the people of Dundas and Flamborough. 

She has a keen awareness of the issues that matter to us and has been a strong and effective Councillor who  advocates for us on the things that matter to our community. 

I wholeheartedly endorse her re-election."
Chris Ward
Dundas Resident